Sewing like cooking I have taught myself. I love my mom, but teaching me to be a homemaker she didn't all. She has worked her entire adult life, I have not so my priorities are different from hers. I have taught myself to be a mom, wife, cook seamtress, etc.

I have had a husband that has been wonderfully encouraging and when I wanted to sew took me to the BX and said pick a machine and what you need to start. And from there I have learned all kinds of things and loved it. I now am on my 3rd sewing machine and now have a serger I love! 80% of my clothing is sewn by me and my daughter has gotten the sewing bug as well.

To anyone wanting to sew just do it, find a book for beginners and jump in, or find a class you can join for the basics.

I am a self taught person I will teach myself what I want to learn, cheese making, bread making, cooking in general, sewing, knitting, etc. But I know there are people who haven't a clue where to start and that hinders them that is why they have resources like classes or even Youtube to help us learn wonderful new skills.
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