Monday, March 16, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today... March 16, 2009

Outside my window... Its raining a very light drizzle. One of those rains that soothes you to sleep at night it has been raining since Saturday.

I am thinking... of nothing of any importance enjoying the quiet of my reading children as they loose themselves in the stories they are reading and I with the music I am hearing on

From the learning rooms… The kids are reading from their independant reading lists right now. We start space exploration today in our studies and will be making a model of the solar system this week I think or next. I have been outlining in my head what I want to do this summer to keep them going on studies.

I am thankful for… I am very thankful for Thursday this week it is our 16th wedding anniversary and that is a very wonderful thing to me. My parents divorced when I was 11 and to still be happily married is very much a blessing to me.

From the kitchen.... Not much, bread to make today a Light Whole Wheat Bread and skillet lasagnie tonight. My son made cherry jello this morning for dessert tonight.

I am wearing… a black demin skirt, pink top, and my hair is up in a braided bun my husbands favorite. He has not seen it this morning since he left at 5am for work but he will tonight.

I am reading.... Cleaning up the Clutter by Emilie Barnes and Greenhouse gardener's companion by Shane Smith

I am anticipating..... the arrival of my new sewing machine this week. Hubby saved money for me to buy one to replace my 2 very old ones and this week I go and pick it up when I do my weekly shopping on Thursday.

I am creating...skirts this week from light fabrics. I finished one blouse last week.

I am hearing... Fare Thee Well by Kate Rusby on we have been listening to celtic music lately and this song has a very nice melody and sound. We have been having fun creating "stations" on pandora and listening to the music throughout the day.

Around the house... there is a cool breeze wafting through the open windows and the birds are chirping, we have laundry going no clothesline today though, the kids quietly reading the dogs and cats sleeping under foot expecting a loving pat as we step over them, a lovely phone call from hubby telling me he loves me(this is an every morning the same time everyday).

One of my favorite things... Spring! The lovely green sprouting up everywhere.

A few plans for the rest of the week... our monthly volunteering at the food pantry tomorrow, errands to run Thursday, Family Home Evening tonight, and all the little blessings I provide my family and they provide me on a weekly basis.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...we were blessed to witness a lovely couple exchange wedding vows yesterday after church. They kept it so quiet no one knew but us, her sister, and 4 others. It was a quiet and special day for them and hubby married them and we had a light lunch with them afterwards. Here are 3 pictures of that special time.

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