Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A New Do...

My daughter loves the Twilight books of course all the girls she knows love them right now. Hubby and I have read them after she raved about them and they are very much teen entertainment. But she loves all books and reads ALL the time. Right now she is reading while Yguy is washing the dishes she waits till he has a little pile drys and puts them away and then reads till there is another little pile or until he nags her.

Well it didn't surprise me yesterday when her hair dresser and friend asked how she wanted her hair, same as before or different. She shyly said like Alice (on Twilight) so the two of them looked on the internet and Anna went to town cutting, shaping, and showing Ash how to get the look.

Well we all love her new do it looks very nice on her and she has gotten rave reviews from her piano teacher and the teachers son and hubby, as well as her seminary teacher, and most important her dad, well her mom as well but dad is very important.

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