Sunday, December 27, 2009

Keeping ones own council....

I am a quiet opinonated person. My husband would say I wasn't he hears my opinions all the time! But I feel if you have an opinion thats fine but there is a time and a place to share them. And ALL THE TIME is not the time nor the place.
Today I let my opinion fly about something really silly but something I feel strongly about. I think though that I shouldn't have. It isn't nice I don't like when people do it to me I think it is quite rude actually to try and shove your opinion down someone elses throat. I think voicing it is ridiculous and I think that someone who thinks they should let everyone know what their opinion is on everything all the time has a serious problem. And then turn around to basically tell them they are wrong and this is why is really wrong.

Working on ones self esteem would be a good thing. You don't have to voice them as soon as you meet someone or while bearing ones testimony. I think voicing them in a way so that others don't feel you are talking down to them and to people who actually care about what you are talking about is OK.

But making sure that you let others know what they are doing, who they are, what they believe, how they live, etc, etc, etc is wrong. We all live the best way we know how or how we want to live. It doesn't matter that you might live one way and I live another your happy and I'm happy that is what matters.
So my opinion stays in my own head even on this blog. I just don't think voicing it is right. Today I think I just got tired of hearing this ones particular opinion ALL THE TIME that I just had to say what I thought about global warming.

So with no further ado I will say what I think and this will be the last time I shove it down your throat LOL. But side note is I will write about what I feel is right for me and my family. I love skirts and I wear them most of the time and I have said that on this blog but I have never said my friends who wear pants all the time are wrong. I said I like this, it works for me, and this is right for me and my family and I want to share what I have found makes me happy. Writing this blog is just that discovering me and what makes me happy and helps me grow.

OK whether or not global warming is happening or not I don't care. But to live green I feel is important if we are spraying all these chemicals around what is it doing to us inside. I know I can't breath when hubby starts spraying his work boots with lysol but it keeps athletes foot away.

I think we need to take care of everything that is given to us not just pay tithing on it. I think that as a society in the US we can affect so much change in the world by our example. If we are to busy making reality TV shows on silly things, McMansions, Big Mac's and making tons of money and not actually using that brain power and money to help those around us we are wasting our time. We can do so much but are we really...the examples are boundless of what we are actually doing for our fellow brothers and sisters in the world. Yes, there are examples of good as well I will whole heartedly agree with that I love it the simple act of love.

But do we need reality TV shows Wife Swap...What is that ----------opinion deleted ;) Do we need to be so wasteful is it a test for us if we are so wasteful with these little things what are we like with the big things.

I am far from being an expert on just about everything. But I do know by simplying our lives and learning to use what we have makes life so much more worthwhile. You peel away the layers of worldiness and what you have left, the basic, simple, and uncomplicated.

I think if we jump to the big things and make sure we let everyone know how smart we are then we have left something out somewhere. We should start small and work our way up slowly, quietly, and with love, graditude, charity, reverance. We build ourselves, our testimony, our faith, in a quiet but sure way. We can affect so much change by our examples and loving guidance after we have learned and grown into it. Not by shoving our over educated, high minded opinions down others throats.

Debating gets us nowhere except to show how much of an a-- a person is, period. What works for me works for me and that is all that matters. Does it work for you? I don't know but I hope by sharing what I have learned and what we do in our lives is setting an example for you to pick and choose from.

I love the example of the many women around the world whose blogs I read, whether they are LDS or not, married or single, American or not. They are true searchers of what is best for them and their families at their stage in their growth and their examples I learn from and grow from daily.


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