Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Mad Scientist....

Yguy and I were home last week all by ourselves. Ash had an all day seminary day and so he and I hung out at home.

I don't get the chance to spend one on one time all day with my children. They both are always with me, I do try to do it a little here and there though. All day is rare but when we do, we have alot of fun.

On this day Yguy decided that the pumpkins I have let sit on our front walkway needed to be dissected. They had been frozen a few times and snowed on once so 2 were very soft inside.

He opened the biggest first. That one looked like the man eating flower off of Jumanji and one was so thick he broke one of my steak knives. But he had fun and that is what matters. I let him open them up in the woods for the little critters to eat on. The chickens would have loved it but I thought we should share with other animals.

He also collected the seeds and they are drying on the kitchen counter.

The kittens in the chicken house are growing so fast! They are adorable and love when we come in and talk to them. See one is trying to escape, they are getting quite bored with the tire corraling them. We found an egg in with them earlier that day. They sleep in the rim of the tire when momma isn't there so the hens are still layin in the nest. You can see the tails of 2 of my ladies in the picture as well.

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  1. The kittens are so adorable! I love kittens and hope to have some when we get some land! :)


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