Friday, January 8, 2010

Sewing Blitz!

This week I have been sewing alot. a skirt, purse and or scripture tote, this blouse, and hopefully I will finish my husband's tie I started before Christmas.
And this is me in all my glory. I could start naming all the faults I see in this picture but why, I know them I am working on them. :0)
The skirt is from the consignment shop and I love it! It's an Old Navy corduroy skirt and goes to my feet. I was so happy it was my size when I found it.
And of course the top I made.
Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Such a lovely photo! I love your skirt and I think it's wonderful that you are sewing them! It brings much joy to use our hands and make something beautiful!

  2. Love the top. Isn't it great when you can find something at the goodwill or consignement shop that... one you like and two fits! Well done.


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