Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A challenging month for sure!

Well, two challenages in one month! What was I thinking? ;) I was already planning on growing some wax beans I bought from Baker Creek Seeds and saving seeds from them, so I thought since I already plan on doing this then I will jump right in. Both of the links for these are on the sidebar.
We already save seeds from some of our flowers which are pretty easy. You can't go wrong with zinnias and marigolds. But I have been wanting to step it up a notch so I bought 2 packs of beans and one I will be using for canning and eating and the other will be for growing and saving the seeds. I know overkill, we like these beans though so I wanted to make sure I had enough. :0) Plus you never know...I always plan way ahead and over plan and it works for me.

I have Red Fig, Yellow Pear, a pink variety tomato, and eggplant seed started. I used toilet paper rolls for the "pots" reusing items I already have on hand. I have been doing that alot this winter. I will post about that later.

  I cut the rolls in half and reused, see there is that word again, the drawers from those plastic cabinets on wheels you can use for dressers etc. They are really cheaply made since they don't hold up very long. I have been using them in the barn for storage in the hay loft but wanted to toss them the drawers are great for starting seeds in and I am not adding to a landfill or spending money on trays. I hope to put alot more effort into our growing of food and preserving of food this year. Upick farms for fruit are hard to come by around here I have found blueberry, blueberry, and blueberry. I am wondering if I should go into the upick farming business for something besides blueberries.

The real food challenge, for this month I want to cut out all foods from fast food, walmart, and Sams. It is so easy to grab a piece of pizza while we shop at Sam's or stop by a fast food joint's dollar menu on youth night or while we are out taking our kids to yet another activity. So I am going to set this goal this month (my family doesn't know) of no out to eat.

I will discuss this with hubby tonight and keep the kids out of it. What they don't know doesn't hurt them, right?

Next  month will be harder...I promise like no soda pops... of any kind...whatsoever! Would homemade root beer be included in this..?

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