Monday, March 15, 2010

I thought today I would do a recap for the month of March. Maybe to remind myself that I have been doing something. :0)

Last week I ironed our weekly pile. I only try to iron once a week which is Friday and I moved the ironing board in front of the living room window and enjoyed hearing the birds, feeling the breeze, and smelling the promise of spring in the air. It was lovely I had pandora on and was listening to some celtic folk music in the background, the kiddos were outside in the fort by the garden, and I was just letting my thoughts float around at random.

I have been making yogurt, which I love to do and have been itching to make sour cream and some cream cheese. I have made other soft cheeses but not those and would love to do it soon, hopefully. I add honey or stevia to our yogurt and since we are switching to glass storing it in quart jars. It is really good on baked oatmeal and fruit.

Also I have been, not me personally :0) But eating sprouts that are quite tasty. I am the only one eating them but I made meat loaf the other day and thought, after the fact that I could have put some in it and they wouldn't have known and it would have added vitamins. So we are having FHE out at the burnpit tonight and cooking dinner over the fire. Hamburgers, I think those burgers should have sprouts in them what do you think? No one will know....Well, at least till hubby reads this but that will be after he has had his burger...

I have planted potatoes, garlic which I should have done last fall, and some other veggies that aren't doing to good but that is OK. We've also started seeds for tomatoes and eggplant, ordered chicks for meat which should be in today or tomorrow, and watched the blessings pour in.

Small and simple things to thankful for and I am oh so thankful for them. This winter has been hard not just cold and wet here but just hard for me. I have longed for spring more that I should have ;0) But now it is here slowly poking its head out and slowly we are making plans for future projects.

March 7, quietly passed but it was the 1st anniversary of this blog and I have enjoyed it. I enjoy reading about those all over the world striving for a simplier life. One that we have had, let go of, and now are working our way back to. Remember, There and Back Again a Hobbits tale by Bilbo Baggins, well this is our story as well but not as sensational. I enjoy sharing what we have done and what we do I hope to do it more this year.

We are celebrating our 17th anniversary this week. Which is exciting we are celebrating it by going to the Temple. We have had our ups and downs thru the years we are both very head strong so this doesn't help (laugh) but we still enjoy each other very much. I think by going to the temple and remembering is a good thing we are looking forward to it the kiddos are going to grandmas for the night. Which is a first in a long time we usually celebrate it with them.

Yesterday, I worked on a list of things I want to do this year striving towards that simplier life and I hope to share those items and accomplishments here as we travel the roads of 2010.

What kinds of things have you decided to do or learn this year?

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