Monday, March 8, 2010

Natural Cleaning Products

The quest for having a healthy home started for me by wanting to save money. I don't like spending lots of money on items that are easily made. I didn't want stuff flushed down our septic tank that would mess the balance up so that it cost us money to have someone come pump it out or have to fix it at some point. So I searchedor easy ways to save money.

I buy a big jug of enviromental safe dish soap and regular shampoos and soaps...for now. But for cleaning I have five basic things that I use. I do have clorox wipes under my counter which I would prefer not to have but for the moment they are there. They were given to me so I use them for now.

My ingredients list is as follows...

Borox: homemade scouring powder, laundry soap, dishwasher soap

Washing Soda: laundry soap, natural bleach

Vinegar: fabric freshner/softner, floor cleaning, toilet cleaner, litter box cleaner, window cleaner, veggie wash

Zoot, Fels Naphta, or Octagon soap: laundry soap

Baking Soda: laundry, scouting powder, dishwasher soap,

I have saved bottles fro soy sauce and keep a bottle of vinegar in the bathroom for cleaning the toilet, there is also one I have filled with vinegar in the spice cabinet since I buy large jugs of vinegar at sams every couple of months.

I saved peanut butter containers and made scouring powder with salt, borox, and baking powder and place a container in the kitchen and bathroom for easy cleaning.

The cat litter box gets about half a cup of vinegar once a week outside. We fill it with water and let it soak.

I did have to buy some bleach last week since during the winter mold grows on the bathroom ceiling above the shower. I tried other natural things this winter but had to resort to bleach again since nothing else worked. But with clothing I use lemon juice or washing soda, and the sun. Between those 3 it works really well. Plus I tend to ruin things when I use bleach so I have tried to lesson its use in our home over the last couple of years. A bottle lasts me about a year.

I am no expert and this quest I started with wanting to save money and then turned into wanting a healthier home for my family. I have gotten sensitive to cleaning fumes now and hubby sprays lysol in his work boots it helps keep athletes foot away since he has a very hot and sweaty job and wears heavy boots. But that lysol is noxious and I can't stand the smell and fumes, I clear the room when he sprays it. :0) But then again it is alot cheaper than the actual foot spray and creams.

I hope to learn more and save even more as I travel down this road that sometimes parallels and converges but sometimes between saving money and healthy they can go in opposite directions.

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