Thursday, May 13, 2010

Excitement at home

Today, I came home from town and the neighbor called and asked me where in the world I was at. I told her the front yard, she proceeded to tell me that a fire was on the property behind us and was coming our way. Well, that got me moving and in a hurry I called hubby and told home to come home now, then changed out of my skirt and into shorts, set the kids to doing somethings at the house, and proceeded to investigate where the fire was and how faraway from the house.

It was close but still a safe distance and not on our property though you could see it from our property line. When I got back to the house Ash requested that we pray we waited to do it as a family so as soon as daddy got home we stood in the front yard and prayed as a family. It felt so right and it was what was needed.

From there hubby with his shovel and me with my hoe(its all I could grab at the last minute without running to the barn) we went and started working on the fire eating up the pine needles within minutes of starting our work the forestry service drove up on a dozer and proceeded to do a much quicker job than we were doing. We stayed for awhile putting out little fires that were starting bushes on fire and other things that could have spread to our property.

Needless to say we had a very exciting couple of hours and neighbors of ours were still working on getting the fire away from their houses when we trudged back to our home. The kids kept busy following my instructions and hubby and I wondered as we walked home if the house would be floating with them spraying the roof down with hoses, one in the front and one in the back. But it was fine and they loaded the van with everything they thought was important. A favorite childhood stuffed animal is very important in an emergency situation. :0)

Right now they are popping popcorn, cooking stuffed jalopeno peppers, and filling up since they all 3 say they are starving now.  I am full of water since it was very hot and humid on top of the fire being hot and I drank lots of water. I think I am floating more than the house.

Have a Blessed Day,



  1. Dear Erika,

    Wow, it looks like you had a real "Little House" moment! Something you'll remember forever, for sure :) . I'm glad nothing was damaged on your property; fires sure can be scary.

    Thanks for the tips on dandelions for PMS; that's definitely important to remember.



  2. I glade to hear that everything is ok...


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