Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rubies of Thought

She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life   Proverbs 31:12

Notes: will not gossip, talk bad about him, help him by supporting him uncomplaining in callings and in life. Uplift him not argue or be mean mouthed to him, humble in your dealings with him.

humble: having or showing a consciousness of one's shortcomings: modest unpretentious, to low in pride; make modest

Pride: an unduly high opinion of oneself; haughtiness arrogance

Haughty: having or showing great pride in oneself and contempt for others, arrogant

Pretentious: making claims to some distinction importance etc.

I think this one goes well with verse 11 and the two verses on how a woman treats her husband are the first 2 in the description of this woman. This in itself should tell us alot how we act towards him in private and in public are very important.

You can be a woman of many talents but does that make you a Godly woman if you are prideful and are mean towards him? How we treat the one who is suppose to be the most important person in our life says alot about us I think.

A marriage isn't about one or the other it is two to be one we must magnify that. We should stand in support of our husband no matter if hes wrong or right show him support for all he does. This is hard when our pride gets in the way and we can tear him down faster than we can blink with just one word of dissent.

In public or in front of people I think I do alright with this, its in private I can let my opinion fly and that is just the same as if I did it in front of others. He starts to question himself and his decisions and falters in what he does.

We must work on doing him good all the time not just in a public eye. We as women have such power to build up or destroy There is no room for selfishness in a marriage and I think this verse is a reminder of this.

To have respect we must earn respect.

Have a Blessed Day


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