Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Room Redo

This was the only picture I could find with the color of our room before without looking through many disks of the last 4 1/2 years. But you get the idea dark, yucky, and in a major need of sprucing. I am not a decorator and haven't a desire to be so this is just us. Country and simple.

This shelf I bought at the thrift store and on it has hubby's John Deere tractors and a plaque they gave me at girls camp. "HOME, is where they love you the best," it reads. Yes, that is a lasso at the side of hubby's dresser.
I moved my dresser I wanted less stuff in our room and removed alot and I didn't want my side of the bed cluttered anymore.

And Weazy making herself at home in the middle of our bed she is our geriatric cat at 14 years old she still bites really hard and rules the roost!


  1. What a refreshing redo of your room! It looks fabulous! :) Nothing like de-cluttering and making things more simple! I love how the room turned out! It's beautiful!

  2. The color of the room is so pretty and very calming. What a beautiful room to rest in.


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