Monday, July 19, 2010

Rubies of Thought

Ash was getting creative with the camera a few weeks ago. This is a view from under the sunflowers.

She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness...Proverbs 31:27

I am always kicking myself for getting wrapped up in a book and letting my home and other things fall to the wayside. I really consider this to be lazy on my part and I always feel so guilty.

Lately, I feel very lazy so many things have been going on and so many directions our family has been going in that my home and household has been the last on the list of important things.

As summer comes to a close and we get our lives back into some kind of order this will level out but summer time is a hard time to keep focused with what seems like a never ending stream of outside the home activities.

I hate to say it but this verse makes me feel a little guilty, I know I have not been completely lazy but I am happiest at home and providing a home for those I love and with all that pulls us away I neglect what is my safe harbor.

But this verse also brings out to me that of being prepared for whatever comes our way. Hurricane season is upon us, and I know we are prepared the best way we can be for whatever comes our way.

We are also canning and preserving things for our food storage for the next year. Last week we started slaughtering and canning up our meat chickens.

This woman is prepared and doesn't sit and then when something happens wail about not getting her share of whatever is being handed out. She knows her family will be well cared for and have what is needed during any given situation.

Have a Blessed Day


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  1. Oh my friend, you and me seem to be in the same frame of mind.

    Here at the cottage, I tend to be going in too many directions lately because of my daughter's physical theraphy, and my boys' tennis camp and their church field trips...that the last thing on my mind is cleaning my house.

    But as long as I maintain my home in order, and dedicate two days to keeping it clean, we, as a family, are able to do what must be done without loosing our minds :)

    Good job in having the canning of vegetables and chickens for next year. What a blessing it is to know that Our Lord has provided for your family even unto next year!



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