Friday, August 6, 2010

Blessing my Home

Good Morning, today is Friday, for me that is the day I clean my home. I have fallen off that wagon some with the crazy summer we've had and that is such a poor excuse for not being more on top of my home and family's needs.

With school starting Monday, I wanted to get myself back to being a little more organized so that I don't feel like I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  Padding my nest, being prepared for the storm that always comes so that my chicks will be safe, and setting the tone of my home so the world stays firmly outside.

Friday, is the day I deep clean, do laundry, get church bags together make sure church clothing is ready for Sunday, plan the weekends menus including Sunday's crockpot meal , and this year go to the library, seminary, and small errands.

Saturday and Sunday is family, church, and day of rest, we try to use the dishwasher on the weekend otherwise the kids do dishes daily.

Monday, light cleaning, laundry from weekend, wash towels and sheets, iron, soak litter box.

Tuesday, mending that might need done

Wednesday, is youth and errands at Sams club or walmart if needed etc

Thursday, nothing to much its payday so errands every other week if needed

Some of my Fridays 2 a month are volunteer days for the Bishop's storehouse so during that week I might do some of my Friday stuff Thursday depends.

My goal is to spend as much time with my kids and school work than on housework. But since that is never ending streamlining makes it easier. I also am a minimalist and don't like alot stuff that I have to take care of and that helps.

I don't always fullfill this goal and that stresses me and I feel the pull of needing to be perfect. Which I know only defeats the purpose.

Today, I have a load of whites on the line and another load almost done. Ash is going to make biscuits soon and the rest of the day will hopefully go smoothly.

How do you keep yourself on track?

Have a Blessed Day



  1. Good morning Erika....

    I too have a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly routine....

    I get up at 5 or 5:30, make a cup of tea and let various animals out or in, making sure everyone has food and water.

    I unload the dishwasher and put away the dishes, and get the food out of the freezer and pantry that will be tonights dinner. It helps me to take out cutting boards, vegi peelers and pots too. I can find a minute here and there to get stuff done during the day, and it is so much easier to come into the kitchen at 4 and have everything all ready to go.

    I also start a load of clothes.....because of the heat and being outside so much....I have to wash whatever clothes we wore the day before everyday or they get soured. Usually it's just one load of clothes, but not always. I hang the load outside if the weather's good, or just hang it up inside if it's not. Except for towels and sheets....those get dried in the dryer.

    Next I head out to feed and milk my goats. I also have chickens to feed, and a cow to feed and water. After I get through, I come back in and strain milk and figure out what I need to do with the milk...freeze, cheese, or chocolatize it?

    After I get those things's time for the weekly chores! Monday is big clean up day. Tuesday is gather up garbage and get ready for Wednesday's pickup. Clean the cat letter boxes. Clean the goat barn and get rid of feed sacks and what not. I also try and work outside in the yard...we always have some limbs down. Wednesday is get the trash out day! I try to get my giveaway eggs over to the Lighthouse Mission I have to have them washed and put into cartons. I also have a few old customers who come by in the afternoon to buy yard eggs. It's Youth Group in the evening. Thursday is "run to town" day...usually have to make 4 or 5 stops. And when we get back...everything has to be put away and much of the packaging put in the trash can. (I hate how much packaging everything comes with.....don't you.) Friday is another big cleaning get the house presentable for the weekend. We usually have company. I do only the barest, littlest bit of cleaning on the weekends.......

    Then there are "monthly" chores....I try to clean the chicken coops and nest boxes on the 1st, pay bills around the 8th, on the 15th we give flea meds to our 5 cats and two dogs. I trim the goats hooves on the 25th.

    I used to work outside of the home....and now all my friends give me a hard time....cause they just know I'm a "lady of leisure".



  2. Hello! and good morning to you dear friend,

    When I had my own home, I had a set schedule, but I tried to stay flexible. I usually did laundry when it needed to be done instead of waiting one day a week for it. With little kids, it piles up quickly!! I can't wait to be able to do household chores again! :) I think your schedule is great!

  3. Dear friend,

    What a timely post this is! I have been trying to create a set schedule but so far, I have not had success in creating or maintaining one.

    Your schedule sounds simple enough to adapt but then it is staying motivated that tends to be my greatest problem.

    My boys do not start until two weeks from now, I think I am going to try, with Our Lord's help, to stay focus and begin slowly.

    Thank you for sharing :)

    Enjoy your blessings!



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