Monday, August 2, 2010


This past weekend hubby had to work all weekend which is fine...Overtime is great when you haven't seen any in awhile. :0) While he was working I did laundry, lots of laundry. All the bedsheets, towels, etc. I do laundry daily and I really don't like to, so I did all of it Saturday so that I can spend a few days not doing it.

Last week we were finally able to put up our second clothesline. I like reading Amish books, in them they do laundry once a week and they have alot larger families than I do. I have done laundry everyday for years, not always but for years. The stories got me to thinking of how big their clotheslines are etc and then I thought why not 2 of them. So hence my want for another clothesline.

See now we have 2 and I was able to do 9 loads of laundry Saturday and put it all away.... Today I did some from this weekend and then I won't again till Friday. I think I will wash Fridays and Monday's. Monday's will be the iron day and the weekend clothing wash.

Saturday I made a batch of homemade laundry soap as well. I haven't since May with all we have had going on I bought some while I was in a hurry. But I missed my homemade and finally things are slowing down to make a batch I loved the soap before we grated it on the counter with the light from the window.

Do you use a clothesline?

Have a Blessed Day



  1. What lovely clothes lines! I wish I had a clothes line - and I plan on having one once we have our land. There is nothing like sun drying your clothes! And they smell so good too! Did you make them or buy them? I am hoping to make ours as I've heard it is so much cheaper!

    I love making our own laundry soap. I use Zote too! I love the smell of it and everything always comes out so nice and clean!

    Hope you are well. THANK YOU for the link you emailed me! Hope you are enjoying a blessed day today!

  2. Emily,

    They are homemade except the line. I buy the line that is plastic coated wire it lasts much longer and doesn't stretch.

    And since I am a do it yourself kinda gal even in skirts. I use all the power tools and have for years. I made both of these myself with recycled wood leftover from barn building, house building, and scraps people were tossing.I actually have made all our clotheslines throughout our marriage of 17 1/2 years each time gets better.

    Even the white paint was free it was here when we bought the place. I need to buy a small can to paint the new posts though. I like uniformity and white poles look better.


  3. Yes, I do!

    My husband made me one this summer and I just think it is the best gift he could have given me...better than diamonds :)

    I use it everyday. I wash daily and the clothes just seem to dry so much better and last longer when they are dried naturally by the sun.



  4. Maria,

    I agree! My hubby gave me an ironing board once for Mother's Day. I needed one and he knew it. I love presents I can use or need. He gave me diamond earrings once, I love them don't get me wrong sweety, since I know you'll read this. But I am practical I love things I will use and are useful and I like it to be simple and basic.



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