Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wheaty Goodness

I made the Baguette recipe again but this time with mostly wheat flour. I ground some wheat to make 100% wheat bread and used what was left to make this loaf to go with the quiches I made for dinner.

It had 1 cup of white flour in it since I ran out of wheat and didn't want to grind more. This loaf was better than the first it had a wonderfully delightful nutty flavor with it crusty outside and soft inside. It went very well with the quiches and salad.

Here is the deliciously tasty bread I made. I prefer 100% wheat and this recipe I have used for years. I found it on the back of a King Arthur wheat flour bag. I add flax to it and have added nuts which makes the nutty flavor come out even more. I added chopped sprouts and flax to this loaf and can't wait to have my morning peanut toast with a slice of it.

If you would like either one of these recipes please let me know. I am in a rush to type this and haven't the time this morning.

Have a wonderfully blessed day


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  1. Hello Erika!

    I also grind my own wheat flour and would really appreciate if you could share your recipe.

    Everything looks delicious :)



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