Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This reminded Wyatt of his Hawiann shirts he loves, so we called it Aloha. This little tote was so much fun to make. I found a little girls demin dress over the weekend and had to get it to make into a tote. It wanted desperately to be redone into some fun.

It is in the Shop....


  1. Oh...this one is just as nice :)

    What a wonderful idea dear friend.


  2. Hi Erika....
    I like the purses you are making. I have a question....there are two prices listed on the store page....one spot says $7, the other says $8.50. Can you fix that.

    Another thought for you....when I get a new tote or purse, I love to have tiny little bags that are color co-ordinated to stick some of my "personal" stuff in. I have one that is just for medicines, one for handi-wipes and tissues, another for chap sticks and what nots. My favorite purse had a little bag that was attached with sort of a little leash to the purse.....that was great for me, cause it meant it never got lost.

    Could you put some other stuff next to the bags when you take pictures of them so we can see the actual sizes. I always carry a large water bottle with me, a wallet, a hair brush, a coin purse, my 2-4 little personal bags, and an electronic yahtz and cell phone. It is important to be able to get all that in it.

    Debbie, from Petal

  3. Debbie,

    The spot you are talking about the $7 is for the shipping. It also has $10 for international shipping just under that. The totes are $8.50 and are small for what you carry. I carry little bags as well to better organize my purse and I use one of these totes for a purse and my scripture tote. I don't carry my water bottle in my bag. The next one I make I will take a picture next to something to show size or measure the dimensions.




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