Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Blog," he said....

My husband told me to blog this morning....I haven't because I don't have much to blog about. But, he enjoys reading my blog and so this morning he asked me to.

This weekend the kids went to youth conference and had alot of fun. They stayed at the dorms at USM and had many spiritually uplifting workshops, a fireside, and of course 2 dances.

Saturday hubby and I went to work, I didn't chaperone conference this year, so hubby and I planned a nice weekend, but working in the funeral bussiness plans change from one minute to the next. I tried posting while we were at the graveyard waiting for people to arrive for the funeral, but the post was lost.

So here it is...kinda

My hubby is a grave digger in a small community for a small funeral home. He has been in this bussiness for 13 years this is the second funeral home he has worked for. This one is much smaller than his last and so most of the graveyards are way out in the country.

Crickets and birds were singing in the early morning breeze under the tent it was cooler with the breeze, though it was very hot. We both were covered in sweat when we finally made it home later in the day. After this service we dug another grave for Monday it rained off and on, but yet again we were in the country and the solitude and quiet was nice.

This was the oldest marked grave I found at this little graveyard. The woman died in 1860 a couple of years before the civil war he died after the war. The things this headstone has seen thru the years....

There were many older graves I love the history behind them, who they were etc.

Back to the title...my husband loves to read my blog, I don't consider myself different on here than I am in real life.

But, do I let a side of myself open up on here that I don't in life even to my husband? He says he sees a different side to me here. How many of us use this avenue to share parts of ourselves we keep hidden from those around us?

I know for me I will talk about my reasons for wearing skirts 99% of the time, my craving for a simplier life and what steps I take daily towards those cravings. Some of my insecurities and feelings. My husband knows these things about me, he knows more about me than anyone in the world even my parents.

My passions, my opinions, my insecurities, he knows all of my crazy ideas and convictions. He also knows what things set my hot temper off, my body language when I don't like something, or my tone of voice on the phone when I am talking to someone who just pushed the wrong button.

We have been together since I was 18 years old and a senior in high school, he has helped me grow up and walked with me as I have learned to become a wife and a mother. He has encouraged me to teach myself to cook, sew, garden, and learn to be a daughter of God. I joke that he finished raising me after we married when I was 19 and he was 28. 

He knows how much I strive to be myself and not what the world wants of me. The latest styles in clothing, living, housing, opinions, etc none of that holds me or sways me.  I find joy in learning and striving to be what Heavenly Father sees me as. Each of us have a plan for us our plans are all different how I find my way to that path is so much different that someone else. Our destination is the same the way we get there is different, we must and do learn in different ways.

Here on my blog I think I hold so much of myself in check and I express myself differently and that is what my husband reads. I am the same person, expressed differently since daily I am evolving, and on here I am finding that person and learning to be that person in life.

My husband is my soul mate, we laugh so much together even after 18 years of marriage.  We have cried together, mourned for our child together,  held on to each other when life has been hard for one of us.  Clung to our convictions together even when family and friends have persecuted us for it.

We have walked hand in hand thru this life and I pray we continue to learn daily together as we continue our walk.

You are and always will be my best friend, Andy.

I love you more than my luggage. :0)


  1. Oh Sweet Erika...this was so beautifully said!

    I must share that it is hard to keep yourself apart from who you truly are inside. Sometimes, we try, as women, to show two aspects of who we are, because in a way we are a bit apprehensive in opening up ourselves to others...especially ones that we can not see face to face :)

    But your husband, like mine, also says that I show myself different here than what I am in real life...I think I am doing better though.

    Thank you for sharing ;-)



    PS: You changed your look...I like it, but your other one was very soothing and peaceful.

  2. Dear Erika,

    I just received my package today, and my heart is full of thanks for the sweet gift! Thank you so much for thinking of me, and for your friendship. Andy is truly blessed to have you for his eternal companion (which I'm sure he knows).

    Isn't life a beautiful thing?




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