Wednesday, August 24, 2011

T is for...

Hmmm, Hubby helped me today, and he keeps calling me with T words most will not be put on here...LOL sorry babe.

But he did say the following...

Talented: why is it others say this, but when we hear it we don't believe it.



Tea tottler: I am not a Twenty years ago I was and so was hubby. He is an alcoholic who has been sober for almost 19 years I have not had one in 13 or 14 years.

Now me...

Trust issues: this one I thought was funny considering hubby said trustworthy, I do not trust people very easily it takes alot for me to trust someone and that includes family members. I have had a very rough road to travel and have been hurt many times so trusting someone is very hard for me.

Taciturn and talkative: Depending on a situation I can clamup and not say a word or talk way to much. If I am intimidated by a situation or a person I get very taciturn and also if I really feel distrust in a person or situation I will be very quiet and most of the time walk away. See I told you I can be rude. lol

Tattoo: I have 3, they are from many many moons ago.

Thankful: I am for all I have been given, for all the hurdles I have had to climb over, for the wrong turns I have taken, and for the many times I have been brought to my knees from my failings. They all have made me who I am and are taking me to who I am to become.

Have a wonderfully blessed day...


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  1. Yes Erika, you are very talented in everything you do :)



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