Monday, November 7, 2011

Busy November Weekend

We had a busy weekend with my dad visiting. We had a lot of fun now back to the daily ins and outs.

Yesterday we drove to the coast where it was windy and a little chilly on the water. But we did get some very pretty pictures of the birds.
Saturday we went to the little zoo in Hattiesburg, they have done a lot of work there and it looks good. I can't wait to see what it will look like when they are done with the projects we saw in the works.
A pretty little goldfish pond near the train and Praire Dog town.
The little alligator

I loved this sign discouraging litter bugs.

This little guy was loving the attention of all the kids and cameras

Finally a bread in the Sun Oven, not a yeast bread but a quick bread. It worked just fine except it was a very cloudy day off and on and so it took all day to bake. It would so much better if the day was sunny instead of cloudy. It started out lovely and sunny and then all of a sudden clouds everywhere. Oh well maybe next time...

I hope your weekend was a blessed one and that you have a blessed day.



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  1. I must share that I am a bit 'green' about your oven my friend! What a nifty stove :)

    And what a wonderful weekend you had Erika.

    Thank you so much for writing again...I have missed you :)



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