Monday, November 28, 2011

~~Weekly Menu Plan~~

I saw this on the blog somewhere, I think it was Chiots Run, well it stuck and I decided last week when Ashley and I cleaned out the big freezer to organize what was in it visually for myself mostly.

Well from there I went to the fridge and here and I did a menu plan for our bi monthly grocery shopping which I did Saturday with hubby before he had to be at work.


See the bottom door is for the shopping list. We used dry erase markers since they wipe off beautifully and so far a week into it has been easy to update. On the freezer we put long term, which is all that turkey we slaughtered, some chicken that we did the same thing with, soup bones and veggies for making stock, etc. Then we put a short term list the items on this list are ones that we are using, or need to been used soon, or leftovers that we froze in individual foodsaver bags for later consumption. On this list are veggies, fruits, broth and stock, etc.

So far I think I will like this since I won't be wasting paper and everyone can see what meals I have planned, snacks on hand, breakfasts, and lunches.

So this weeks menu is as follows:

1:  Lasagnia, salad, and garlic bread

2: Red Beans and Rice with steamed broculli

3: Sausage and Sweet Potatoes, the sausage will be homemade

4. Salmon Patties and potato wedges we like these on buns so homemade.

5. Broculli Stirfry

6. Pizza a favorite to make,

7. Tacos which is also a favorite

Breakfast is kinda eat whatever, Ashley and I like fruit smoothies, Wyatt isn't a breakfast person but he makes up for it at lunch. Lunches this week will be salads and pasta for Wyatt he loves pasta, but he is the skinny fast metabolism boy of the house. He told me once, "Mom I burn through carbs!". They stick to mine and Ashley's behinds so he can have them.

We went for a walk and bike ride yesterday, Wyatt is working on the remaining miles on his merit badge for scouts. So Ashley and I walk while he rides. Yesterday he only got 5 laps in and then it started to drizzle so I called it quits. Below is the temp when we left, I know that isn't cold to some but for us when it is windy, cloudy, and rainy it is biting cold. My tights and long johns come in handy under my skirts. :0)

Have a delightful day,



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  1. What a great idea Erika!

    And yes, the temperature is dropping :)




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