Wednesday, December 7, 2011


My grandmother made this nativity when I was a little girl, it used to have a creche but it was lost through the years. The donkey has only two legs thanks to a dog about six years ago, baby Jesus went missing for a year or two and then was found at my mom's house for some reason.  Both my grandmothers have passed on, the one who made this passed away in March, they both were talented in many areas.

One sewed all her clothing and made clothing for me when I was young. The other knitted like crazy and made me sweaters and things.
 Over the years I have taught myself to cook for real with real foods not things from boxes, sew more than just pillows, crochet, and many other things these women learned as children. And I am finding I love the simpleness of it and wish that when I was a little girl I would have learned these things from them. I am sure I could have learned so much more.

Right now the house is filling with things to make homemade gifts. Mostly for the kids, but we are putting together two boxes to mail off this weekend. Both will have homemade soap and other things.
We have fabric everywhere, well I should say I have fabric everywhere.  Sewing up goodies for for the kids. Wyatt is getting a quilt, he knows what he is getting and the fabrics I am using since he picked them out, but he won't see the finally product till Christmas. I am getting in about an hour every morning of sewing working away on this quilt and skirts for Ashley.  The quilt pattern I cut out from a magazine 15 years ago while I was pregnant with Wyatt and have kept it all this time, this is the first time I have made it.

Ashley and I both hope to make one, she for her hope chest and me for our bed. We are going to wait till Janaury for her to work on hers. I took this picture this morning while it was dark so the colors aren't as vibrant, but this is part of it so far. When I am done I will hang it on the line outside and get some pictures in the natural light.

Ashley is getting three skirts, hubby and I picked out the fabric Saturday along with blouces to match. She is also getting drawing supplies so I am thinking over a pencil/supply bag to make as well. It is very fullfilling making these things for family and it is showing our love for them so much more than just a present bought from the store.

I hope your day is a joyful one.



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  1. Oh what a beautiful Testimony my friend!



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