Monday, January 23, 2012

Honey Popcorn Balls

"Ma was boiling molasses in a pan. When Laura's kettle was full of popped corn, Ma dipped some into a large pan, poured a thin trickle of the boiling molasses over it, and then buttering her hands, she deftly squeezed handfuls of it into popcorn balls. Laura kept popping corn and Ma made it into balls until the large dishpan was heaped with their sweet crispness."
The Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Last week Ashley was asked to bring a snack to mutual, since it was the girl's week to plan something they choose games. Ashley took her favorite games and her and I made popcorn balls for her to take.
She decided to do these a couple days in advance and I had just read a recipe for them at Mary Jane's Farm, here.

I liked this recipe because it is made with honey instead of corn syrup. Ashley had read in a magazine a few years ago of making them with jello, but couldn't remember how they did and the ones we found online were all with corn syrup. So we did what we always do adapted.

We split the hot sugar mixture in two and put a pack of sugar free jello Lime in one and orange in the other. She made the green and I made the orange. Her's turned out much better since I had more popcorn so my mixture didn't coat the popcorn as well, but we had fun making them. They are really easy all I did was make the popcorn she did the rest. Of course we both made the balls you have to work fast since the hot mixture cools and hardens fairly quickly.

Have fun with your little ones reading about Laura and making popcorn balls on a corn winter's night.




  1. Oh Erika...these look delicious and so glad they were made with honey :)

  2. Dear Erika,

    What a lovely color of popcorn ball! It's so nice that Ashley is learning so many homemaking skills from you. They will bless her for a lifetime!




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