Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In the Mirror

Sunday we had a wonderful lesson in Relief Society, it was on how we see ourselves and the way we make ourselves feel with how we think. I know for me I can be really tough on myself, I have the bar so high for myself that I will never reach it. I am not like this all the time only in times of adversity and I have felt that adversity has been my constant companion for 3 1/2 years now.

When these feelings of inadequacy come up we start to feel that we aren't loved by those around us and/or our Heavenly Father, it can be tough and we can be tough on ourselves. Or we can be tough on those around us, I have had this over the last few years with someone who is going through a tough time and I have been the receptacle of her hurt. This in turn has made me question everything about myself, made me think I am not worth the breath that I breath, and I started to believe all she was throwing at me.

When these feelings come up it is the perfect time to get on our knees and talk to our Heavenly Father. I have had days where I have gone and kneeled by our bed 10 or 15 times throughout the day. But there are also days I do not feel worthy to talk to Him.

What we see in the mirror is a Daughter of our Heavenly Father, but there are times we tell ourselves that is not what we see. Or we listen to those around us who are just as insecure and believe what they are telling us.

I try to remind myself we are all in this together and I have just as many insecurities as the next person, or that my insecurities aren't the only ones in the world everyone has them. None of us has it all together, we are working and striving daily to be more than we were the day before, to be better. It isn't easy but by helping each other we can cushion each other and make the blows of the world softer so that they don't break us down so we have to start all over.

Look in the mirror today and know that you are a choice daughter of Heavenly Father who has so much love for you and knows who you are and knows you can be so much.

Have a wonderfully blessed day,




  1. I will try to remember these words the next time that I look into a mirror, but I will let you know now, it won't be easy (as if you didn't already know that - smiles).

    Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing! :)


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