Thursday, January 5, 2012

Plain and Simple

this week at the at the cottage....
beans for chili cooking away they were presoaked that week but never cooked also sourdough bubbling away for bread

a new compost pot, we found this at the thrift store for $2, it looks like a honey pot Pooh would have

grinding wheat

sourdough kaiser rolls rising

gentle reminders

Wyatt teaching 4Hers to make ink from berries and quill from turkey feathers..

a new slip from the sheet I told you about, I love this lace it makes me feel pretty and yes those are my knees LOL. Someone we know has asked me several times over the last 3 1/2 years, "So still doing the girlie thing?", Well HELLO I am a girl I can't deny it and don't want to I like wearing my skirts, I like being a girl!

I hope you have a wonderful, delightful, girlie day!
that is if your a girl...

Love, Erika


  1. Oh beautiful! Everything just says - simple and beautiful!

  2. nice post! thanks for sharing! blessings soraya

  3. The compost pot is wonderful. I don't have a pot but I think I will do this. I have a stock pot that is aluminum that I do not cook with, I think I'll use that one :-)


  4. Dear Erika,

    I like your compost pot! Our "pot" is whatever bowl or bucket hasn't been left outside at the moment. :)

    The slip is so nice; I have a couple of sheets I'm saving to do something similar.

    Blessings on peace and simplicity!




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