Tuesday, February 28, 2012

at the cottage....
Yesterday was a dreary day, it being overcast and rainy. Poor hubby had to work in it and came home cold and wet.  Over the weekend we went to Baton Rouge and the kiddos went to grandma's they are old enough to stay on their own, but love to visit with grandma so off they went. Soon they won't want to anymore so grandma enjoy it while you can, they are growing up to fast and in just a couple of months I will have an 18 year old. She deparately wants to stay a child.

Her and her 2 kids are having fun bonding one has taken to the bottle very nicely the other still fights it some but is eating. She introduced them to science fiction last night or at least the TV she said they weren't inpressed. To the barn they go in the next day or two though.
With the dark and dreary day we had oil lamps and candles burning all afternoon. Very cozy almost like having a woodstove or fireplace.

Algebra is still a chore no matter what you have on though. Well that is Wyatt's opinion, he and I have started doing it together to make it a competition to see who finishes first and who gets the most right. Whatever it takes!
All the animals enjoyed their little places to nap. Mary loves the couch along with the cats. For family home evening we talked about our favorite scriptures, we all had new ones since the last night we shared them so it was fun.

I ordered coconut flour from the health food store and it came in last week. So yesterday I made brownies with it...
Fudgy Coconut Flour Brownies
1 cup butter (I used coconut oil)
1 c cocoa powder
9 eggs (yes you read that right 9)
1 c honey
3/4 tsp sea salt
3/4 c coconut flour

butter 9x13 pan and preheat oven to 350
-melt butter, remove from heat add cocoa set aside
-in separate bowl beat eggs add honey, vanilla, salt, and whisk well.
-add coconut flour a little at a time to avoid lumps whisk well to keep it from clumping.
-add cocoa powder mix and whisk well again to avoid clumps.
Bake 20 to 30 minutes.

You don't need as much coconut flour because it is absorbant and expands...a lot! This filled the 9x13 pan I used, not to the top but they were nice brownies.

I like the fact that they have honey instead of white sugar. I have been trying to avoid white sugar and lessen our use of it and other sweetners it takes time since we all have a sweet tooth.

I saw a sign the other day that read, "You can't climb a hill by staring at it, you take it one step at a time." So true it goes along with how you eat an elephant, one bite at a time. Slow and steady wins the race.

Ashley working on her quilt yesterday. She is doing great on it and only has needed my help to get her started. She is my late bloomer most people think she is the younger of my two, and she would gladly change places with Wyatt.

But she is coming into her own these last few months and I think she blooming late is just right for her.

I worked on my cross-stitch project in the cool breeze.

And here is a dark, blurry picture of most of the     
top finished.                                                                   Today Wyatt is peeling a few dozen quail eggs to sell at the health food store. And Ashley mixed up a double batch of Buttermilk Sprouted Wheat dough for rolls for dinner.


And the brothers, Buster and Lucky, are sleeping on the cat blanket on our bed. It is the cat blanket because they love it so much and Pippin sucks on it while he kneads it.
I hope your day is as relaxing as theirs is...

Love, Erika

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  1. Oh Erika...the light is so soothing. What a beautifully content day you had my friend.


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