Monday, February 13, 2012

Plain and Simple

We've been busy here with normal day to day things, scout stuff, pnemonia, and colds. And blogging has been put aside to take care of my family.

But Wyatt officially finished his project Saturday and now will finish the paperwork today to turn in tomorrow.

Ashley is little by little working on her quilt and anxiously waiting for her baby goats to be born. She is getting two newborn babies to bottle feed.

Last week I soaked rice and beans for a big batch of beans and rice. Also we put sprouted wheat for sandwich rolls, made a gigantic pot of chicken noodle soup for sick family members. Of course the stock and chicken were from our homegrown chickens.

Hubby and I found this cute vintage hand beater at the consignment shop. It is stainless steel and all metal. I had one of these in Montana when we lived off grid but it was aluminum and the gears were plastic so it died a quick death. I don't use my electric one all that much say 1 maybe 2 times a year so I put that one in the yard sale box and this one replaced it. Plus this is nonelectric a plus for a kitchen gadget.

Sourdough muffins were breakfast last Sunday and were yummy. I made a double batch so that they could be a quick breakfast or snack during the week.

Ashley and a sister sewing at church the night the Relief Society Sisters helped Wyatt with his project. Ashley brought her sewing machine and I brought mine she and I did the pockets on the walker bags while 5 other ladies sewed on the velcro. Wyatt did a good job asking the sisters for help, asking 6 people to write recommendations for him, and doing the paperwork on his own. Hubby and I helped when asked, answered questions when they arose, and took pictures to go with it all.
Wyatt and another sister pinned on the velcro and ran the bags to Ashley and I. We had a fun time visiting and laughing. Three hours and 4 broken sewing machine needles later we had 90 bags sewn.

Delivering the bags to one of the nursing homes last week, Saturday we delivered bags to the other nursing home and gave a few bags to residents. The activity departments will hand them out as the need arises.
Saturday the youth at church hosted a Sweetheart dinner, they do this every year setting up little tables, decorating, and serving couples. Spaghetti is always the menu and this year Wyatt wanted to make the sauce he used home canned tomato sauce and jazzed it all up on his own it was very good.  All the kids and leaders did a great job and were tired when they finished.

This is our life it is busy sometimes like the last couple of weeks, but it is also kept simple at home to keep the rush of the world out of the core of our family. It is hard to keep it from creeping in but by keeping our lives simple, following the teachings of our leaders, facing our family and home towards the temple and not on the things of the world helps us keep focus on what is most important. That focus gets distorted sometimes especially for hubby and I but our kids focus us back in and down the path we go again.

I hope all have a great week, spring is trying so hard to burst through but winter is reaching out trying to hold on just a little longer. Or I should say at least show itself for a glimpse since winter has really not visited us that much this year.



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  1. "but it is also kept simple at home to keep the rush of the world out of the core of our family"...what a beautiful statement my friend.

    Have a peaceful day!



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