Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Musing of the Week

We are on spring break this week, but that doesn't mean that learning has stopped. Yesterday we painted the trim on the house. Wyatt got on the roof and helped replace a board that was needing to be replaced and then painted it and the other boards above the porch that I could not reach. He later did the highest peak on the roof where we couldn't reach with the ladder from the ground.
Ashley did most of the painting on the porches, it looked very nice this morning as hubby and I walked up from the front pasture.

Monday was our 19th wedding anniversary we didn't do anything special just spent it as a family.

Last week Wyatt and I concreted in 2 4x4's to mount brackets to hang our hoses on. One by the garden and one by the cottage garden. The next day he put in 3 more 4x4's so that we can have a trellis at one end of the cottage garden.
Friday night Wyatt camped out at the boy scout camp, he was doing the Order of the Arrow ordeal and had a blast. They let him and another go home late Saturday night instead of Sunday so that they could go to church. Wyatt was so tired at church but the deal was he still had to go.

I've been studing my scriptures every morning before I walk and before our day starts and it has been so nice. I haven't been on the computer for awhile because of it, but the day starts off so much better.

Usually the dogs and cats are with me on the back porch as I read and journal.
Ashley's goats are growing they are still tiny with being pygmy but last week they started eating grass. We let them out to run around with us while we are gardening or painting. They discovered the blueberry bushes yesterday....
Hubby has pnemonia again or didn't actually get over it from the last time, which was a month or so ago. The kids had colds last week though it didn't stop Wyatt from camping :0) None of this has diminished the wonderful excitment of SPRING. The lovely new green is popping up everywhere, dogwoods are in full bloom, crabapples are as well.

Little seedlings are popping up in the cottage garden and today we plan on planting in the main garden. Monday we planted in the pasture garden butternut squash, spaghetti squash, acorn squash and Ali Baba watermelon. Hopefully we will get most of it planted before it rains and then the rain will water it for us.

I hope all have a wonderful week.

Love Erika


  1. First, happy and anniversary and I hope your husband is feeling better. Exciting time of the year in the garden isn't it? Reading the scriptures is a lovely way to start the morning. And your goats are adorable!

  2. Erika,

    Happy anniversary to you and your husband. I hope he is better soon.

    And those little goats are so adorable!!!!

  3. Dear Erika,

    A happy belated anniversary! I hope that Andy is better now, and gets healed for good this time.

    It's amazing to see that you're planting out your squashes already; that's so exciting! I just potted up my little tomato seedlings that were getting too crowded. Now they're going to have to sleep in the hoophouse at night, since they're too big for the kitchen table!




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