Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Artist at Work..

Out of the cradle endlessly rocking,
Out of the mocking-bird's throat, the
musical shuttle....
Walt Whitman

The creations around me never cease to amaze me. A week or so ago I found a nest in the middle of construction so I kept an eye on it, and I watched as it slowly made its way into a full blown nest. Yesterday we were planting wildflowers around our mailbox and Ashley discovered an egg in the nest.

We quickly took a photo and left hoping to see what bird laid it. We hunted on the internet to find our egg. We did find Chickdee eggs which was neat since we have a family of them in a birdhouse near our garden gate. We read they lay 7-8 eggs and the highest is 12, we watch the parents diligently feeding the babes daily and scolding us or the cats if they come close.  They find worms and things to feed them and it is a delight to watch them. Sadly the parents feed them for 3 weeks and as the babes grow older and learn to fly the family separates. There is no continued learning its just done after 3 weeks.

Our eggs are Mockingbird eggs, this morning I spooked the momma as I walked by on my morning walk. I was able to take a quick photo, today's nature assignment is to find out how many could be laid, how long before hatching, and all the other little details as we watch another wonderful miracle Heavenly Father has created.

It rained all afternoon yesterday watering the wildflowers we dug the day before on a country road. We are hoping the flowers do better than domesticated ones since it is a hot area next to the road. We dug them in areas that matched our area so the enviroment would be somewhat the same. While I walked yesterday I noticed the apple trees covered in flowers.

Ashley took pictures of the sweet smelling beauties, they are so much like their cousins the crabapple that bloomed early this spring. We have 2 apple trees and 2 peaches I walk by them every day and this was a surprise to see so many blossums. My pictures show how the rains beat them but they were still just as pretty and sweet smelling.

I look forward to more wonders that come my way as my week progresses. It is one of those weeks that everyday feels like a Monday but it is the small blessings that surprise me that keep my spirits bright.

Its a warm wind, the west wind,
full of bird's cries...
John Mayfield



  1. How fun to watch the little flock grow. A few years ago a robin made a nest on our porch. She became tame enough that I could get close enough to leave her strawberries. Even helped one of the babies make it's first flight because it got stuck in the railing. These are the things that make a life!

  2. Dear Erika,

    What beautiful eggs! I heard a mockingbird singing in the middle of the night the other night, and was glad that its nest was not in our yard! Birds and flowers seem to go together in the spring, don't they?

    I do hope your wildflowers do well, and I'm looking forward to photos. I hope that your fruit trees have a bountiful harvest this fall!



  3. Chickadees are my favourite. It must be so neat to have so many bird nests around. I love apple trees in bloom too. Is it buzzing with bees?

    1. Marg,

      No it isn't buzzing with bees sadly. So I am not sure how good our crop will be, the trees are young though so we don't expect much.

      In the next year or 2 we will have beehives near there so that will help.


  4. Erika, love all the pictures especially the beautiful flowers! I'll be sending you a note soon. Thanks for the address. :D

  5. Thank you for your kind words! I replied on my blog. Anyway, I am jealous as always of your early spring and green, green land.



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