Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Recipe

I know such a horribly blurry picture but I promise they look yummy in real life.

I made them this morning for a funeral that we are attending later  today along with deviled eggs. The husband of the sister who passed loves my deviled eggs so I made him a plate.

The rolls above were the first batch the tray is packed with rolls. I made them big enough for little sandwiches if that is wanted. The recipe I use is very versatile we use it for rolls, pizza dough, bread, french bread, cinnamon rolls, braided breads, etc. It is a very forgiving and easy dough.

I usually make a couple of big batches and make different shaped bread to sell at our yard sales people love it and we usually have repeat customers.

I don't make white bread items to much anymore prefering to use sprouted wheat, sour dough with wheat, coconut flour, or none at all.

But I wanted to share this recipe for those you who would like it and haven't seen it one here before. One batch makes 2 loaves of bread, it is fast rising (Sams Club yeast), and easy to remember, and double or triple if needed.

Erika's White Bread

2 cups warm water
2 TBSP yeast
3 TBSP sugar, honey, molasses...your preference
2 tsp salt
4-5 cups all purpose flour or bread flour, works well with both.
Now the flour measurement might not be exact I just start dumping one cup at a time till it is the consistency it needs to be.

I place the first 3 ingredients in add 2 cups flour and mix with a whisk or the whisk attachment on my Kitchen Aid. Then add the salt and then the flour a cup at a time till it pulls away from the bowl but not to sticky. You don't want a real dense dough either.

Let rise in a warm place till double this usually takes 30 to 45 minutes. Punch it down and shape into whatever you want, for this recipe I did rolls and then when they were golden brown I took them out and immediately brushed melted honey butter on them. It was more honey than butter and it gave them a nice sticky glaze.

I let them cool on racks and put them in a recycled Subway platter I kept for just this kind of purpose. I try to use throw away items when taking things to funerals, babies, or sickness so the family doesn't have to worry about returning plates etc.

Now the deviled eggs are so easy and my secret I will share with you. I use farm fresh eggs chicken, duck...can you imagine goose eggs deviled lol...

I boil them and after 10 minutes of a rolling boil I dump the hot water out add cold water and a few trays of ice cubes. They peel very easy this way for me. Cut them in half place the yolk in a food processor, now the secret when I have an egg that doesn't peel right I just put it in the food processor white and yolk sometimes I just peel the egg and throw it in without cutting in half. For a dozen eggs I usually have 2 whole peeled eggs blended in with the other yolks.

It always bugged me that I wouldn't have alot of filling in my eggs so I started doing that, I also puree the yolks in the food processor I like a smooth consistency. Then I just add mayo, pinch or so of salt, paprika, and maybe onion powder. I don't mess with putting the paprika on top I usually am to busy to fuss with it. Then I chill them before serving letting them sit in the fridge overnight is the best but not a must.

I usually take bread of some kind and funeral potatoes to things like this. Babies or sickness I take a bread and a lasagnia something that freezes well. 

I know with my babies and the death of our son fancy foods were hard to deal with, keeping track of whose plate was whose was a pain, and items I could put in the freezer for later when we were still eating leftovers from other meals was a blessing. Also sandwich fixings with bread etc was very welcome, Desserts though they are comfort foods only added to the stress or grief because of the sugar content, cookies work well since they can be rationed.

Now that I turned yet another post into a long drawn out thing :0)
I promise I am not this long winded when I talk I usually am very reserved with people in conversations since I am a private person but writing is a different thing completely.

What do you do when you take meals to others? What tips have you picked up that work for you?

Have a Blessed Day!



  1. I know it's healthier, but white bread tastes so good! And your rolls look wonderful. When I do bring some kind of sweet thing for funerals, shut-in, etc. I always make sure it is something that doesn't need refrigeration. Refrigerators tend to get pretty full in those circumstances.

  2. Erika, thank you for the recipe! They look so delicious!


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