Friday, May 25, 2012

Poor, Poor Kitty

Amelia is down a life or two last week she came in one day drooling, like someone turned a faucet on in her mouth drooling. That lasted about an hour which was good the last two cats I had that did that drooled for months.

 Two days later she came in and her face was swelling the picture is right after she came inside. Just her upper lip was swollen but she wasn't done it spread to her nose and forehead as well. The next morning it was gone. She only seemed uncomfortable at first but after that she acted fine.

She has not had anymore run ins with lizards, toads, or wasps since then. Maybe she learned her lesson. I did forewarn Ashley that her cat might not make it to a year old if she keeps going like this.

She(the cat) has decided through all the canning of blueberries that she likes them and went around Monday with a blueberry blue nose. Since sugary blueberry jam a best eaten off her person's finger even if it is messy and stains white fur.

I hope you enjoy your day and weekend as much as Amelia seems to be enjoying life with all it wonders drool and all.




  1. Poor kitty! But she's kind of funny . . . what an interesting personality she must have.

  2. She sounds like fun! lol I hope you have a blessed weekend too!!

  3. My kitty also was bitten by a spider and his upper lips swelled up quite a bit. Yes, he has yet to learn his lesson ;D

    Have a blessed weekend Erika!


  4. Dear Erika,

    Poor kitty! Animals certainly can get into scrapes, can't they? Our little kitten is just getting into her own scrapes, chasing our feet and getting kicked in the process!



  5. Poor kitty! He looks as if he took a bite out of a lemon!


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