Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook

May 8, 2012
Outside my window...Bright, sunny, and cool. It looks to warm up though and be humid. It rained last night so there is water on everything the plants are perked up and stretching towards the cloudless sky.
I am thinking...that I really need to get off this thing and weed in the gardens while its cooler.
I am thankful for... lately the scriptures and all the things I have been learning in them just by putting a little effort daily in the study of their words. The temple and the love and guidance I receive there.
From the learning rooms...almost done! then summer camps start and camping with my family. June is going to be a busy month. But the last few years they all have been busy months!
From the kitchen...Almond flour blueberry muffins and coconut flour carrot raisen muffins. Later today sprouted wheat bread with ground almonds.
I am wearing...a homemade denim skirt, navy blue top, and am barefooted. I just brushed my hair which is my one vain thing. I love long hair and mine is the longest its ever been literally past my waist not much just a few inches but I love it. Baking soda, aloe, homemade apple cider vinegar, and hot oil (coconut oil) treatments is all my hair sees put on it.
I am creating...cross-stitch project, crocheted dish clothes (I've learned some more thing to make fancier ones), an embroidery project, and I should start on our quilt soon since Ashley is almost done with hers.
I am reading studing...The Book of Mormon it being the book we are studing in Sunday school I have decided to jump into really studing it this year.
I am hoping...to many things for my poor mind to handle so I am leaving it in Heavenly Father's hands.
I am hearing...Bluegrass music on Pandora and Wyatt discussing his quail hatching operation with me. He has worked to buy an incubator to hatch eggs and he has a basket full to pickle to sell at the health food store.
Around the house...we are babysitting a friend's dog while the husband is in the hospital. Flower might be going home today or tomorrow depending on test results. The dining room table is full of school books, laptops, seminary work,  we have upset housecats over the doggy guest, a sink full of dishes to be washed, and teenagers getting antsy for summer. I don't know whose more antsy me or them!
One of my favorite things...hmmmmm line dried towels and sheets. Especially in the summer, bringing a ray of sunshine on the sheets is so lovely.
A few plans for the rest of the week: seminary, youth, mother's day gifts to make for Sunday, boys going to a father son campout friday, relief society pool party Thursday.....
Here is picture for thought I am sharing: One of the kiddos took this a few weeks ago while the azalea was still blooming, this bee was being very industrious and nothing was going to stop him from his task. we should take a cue from him and let nothing stop us from the important things in life, family, prayer, scripture study, serving, quiet reflection, and the things tht truly matter.

I found this quote in a book I am reading called Living Without Electricity by Scott and Pellman. It is a book on the Amish it is #9 in a series called People's Place Books

"Current popularity is not viewed as an indicator of real need. In fact, worldly approval is seen as a likely sign that an item is not appropriate for a Christian to use."

Have a blessed day...


  1. So good to read about your day my friend. Good to know that you are doing quite well.

    Be a blessing today,


  2. Sounds like you are very busy. No grass grows under your bare feet! I love your music, Allison Krause has such a beautiful voice.

  3. What a beautiful daypost today! I would love to read that book - I have it on my "wishlist". At the moment I am soaking up Herbal Medicinal things and am enjoying that. You are living a blessed life Erika and I am so thankful for our friendship! Have a blessed week~

  4. Erika, your day sounds wonderful! Your recipes sound intriguing and delicious!

    If you have a FB, Erika, you are invited to the FB page I just started -


  5. Dear Erika,

    I love hearing about your simple (but busy) days! I hope that everything falls into place with camping season coming up, and that you have a blessed Mother's Day.

    Love and hugs,



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