Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Furry Family Walk

The other day we took the furry children to a romp in the field. The dogs love running around in the woods and the field most of the time we have a cat or two with us running with them. Especially the two in these photos.

But on this day we also had the goats with us.

Ms Amelia has a shaved belly for awhile since she was fixed a week or so ago. Pippin really did not like her for awhile but now they are buddies they love playing with boxes and running with the dogs.

Amelia hasn't gotten into to much trouble lately she did get a cactus splinter in her nose while we were in Florida and was stung by something again and had her face swell up.

We love seeing all the babies running around and enjoying themselves in the sunshine and green grass.

What things do you enjoy to see while you walk?

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  1. I like that term "furry children". I'm afraid if I went for such a walk with Georgie, he'd be in the next county. He's a very naughty little dog.


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