Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Growing Up...

Do you remember being an awkward teenager? I do, I remember never seeming to be able to be as good at dressing, fashion, hair,fads, etc as everyone else. I'm still like that but now I just don't care what other do or think of me I just enjoy being me, a beautiful creation.

 This little guy and another has found our birdfeeders on the back porch. While it was raining the day before I saw them I thought that they were two females that were just soaked and a little frazzled.
 Then I took a good look the next day and I saw that he is in that awkward stage all living creatures go through.
 He looked so cute though and just as curious about me behind the glass as I was of him. One day soon he will look like this handsome fellow below. I hope he keeps visiting so we can see him in all his phases of beauty.

I love birds and cardinals are one of my favorites which one is yours?


  1. Cardinals and Blue Jays are my favorite Erika. Their plumage is so vibrant...I also like how aggressive they are - they are fun to watch :)

    Awkward stages, I don't know if we ever outgrow them...

  2. So true I don't think we ever grow out of them either. But I do think we change in what we feel awkward about and how we react to it. My mom, I have noticed, has become more comfortable with herself and this has been in just the last couple of years. It is nice to see that at some point we grow up though waiting till we're in our 60's to do so. LOL


  3. Neat! I don't think I ever noticed a bird in it's awkward stage. I've learned to embrace my awkwardness, and now call it eccentricity.

  4. Jane
    I love that, eccentric most definately!


  5. Love these pictures. Wish we would get more humming birds here :O(
    God bless, Jo


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