Saturday, March 7, 2009

First Post

Why do we always start our very first post with well this is the First Post. It is exciting, scary, and fun! And we want to start with First Post and layout our tenative ideas for the whole world to read in a dramatic way. But after blogging for 2 years at my other blog there is no real drama on that first post but there is such excitement to start out a new chapter in your life and let people know how you feel and what your life is like.

I have blogged about our life as homeschoolers, living in the country, church life, animals, the love for my family, and the many things I find ordinary but most if not all in my life consider weird.

I wanted to start all over since Pioneer Homemaker was an experiment and it has turned into a fun thing of learning about blogging but now that I have learned I want to spread my wings and make it more. For the last few weeks I have been urged to change and this is that manifestation a new start on a new blog.

Homegrown Family is just that a family grown at home not out in the world. We love to spend time together and our time is very important. I will still ramble about lifes little things but hopefully with a different focus. Since the focus of my life is changing and how we want to live that life is changing as well. I am a real person and my family is a real family and I think the world has very unreal ideas of what a mom/women and family should be.

Come join me as I focus in on my life as it is and how I am planning to change little things, add a few things, take away a few things, and just be real.
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  1. I'm looking forward to reading your posts over here at your new digs!

  2. Great to "see" you here Mub!

  3. I love the title of your blog, it sums up the way I feel about my family, looking forward to reading...

    Pierrette from Wiseman Conspiracy


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