Monday, March 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

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This week like I usually do is doubled to go for next week as well. There are some variations from week to week. But since I shop every two weeks I make it easier on me since I have way to much on my plate and I need to say NO to some....whole other blog post!

Anyway I write out 7 meals and double those meals so that yes we get two weeks of the same meals but most of us do that anyway and it makes it a lot easier for me shopping, planning, and cooking. And it is really nice on the budget.

Chicken Bean Soup I am using canned chicken I canned up awhile back and the broth I canned as well. I will post the recipe later I can't find the link right now.

Salmon Souffle This is really good and so easy. I'll post this later as well :)



Hamburgers one week and little steaks another I got these marked down at a great price


red beans and rice

The Lasagna, spaghetti, and pizza I made the sauce for all three together. A big pot with G. turkey and then divided it up into 6 meals the meat was less than a dollar a meal.

Thank You for stopping by! Hope all have a wonderful week!

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