Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sewing: 1 skirt+1 pair of jeans= a whole new skirt

Last fall I bought 2 skirts at the consignment shop nice and light fabric for the summer heat of southern Mississippi. I have been thinking I want a different waist band on them something fitted instead of elastic though.

I took them out of the trunk I have our summer clothes in along with a pair of jeans 1 of 2 I have left after switching to skirts and turned a skirt that looked like the one below into.....

This one....


And here they both are. There was a nice breeze yesterday and they swayed on the line as I took these pictures. As you can see it is still brown here with some green but spring is popping in with the maple, jasmine, and buds all over the wild crabapples, huckleberries, and dogwoods.

And this works for me find out what works for others over at We Are THAT Family

Our Nature walk the other day had some signs of spring as well Click over to
Our Homeschool Journey and see what we found.


  1. I love skirts in the summertime, I am looking forward to the weather warming up enough to go back to skirts all the time.

  2. Cute post - and what a pretty blog! Thank you for sharing - it's nice to "meet" you!

  3. i love the jean/skirt combo! its a great idea. i live in jeans so this could be the perfect skirt for me!

    louise @ prairiemouse

  4. I wish I could sew........ those are cute!

  5. Such a cute skirt!

  6. One word describes why your idea is genius-- POCKETS!


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