Monday, March 30, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook March 30,2009

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For Today... March 30,2009

Outside my window... The day is cool and crisp the sun is starting to shine on the trees. Dew is all over the everything meaning it will be a nice day. The dogs are barking at the barn cats and the day promises to be lovely

I am thinking... I am thinking of the chaos that has been in our home over the past few months. We have literally been chasing our own tails with everything we have going on. To stop and breath is hard... Right now, but I know it will even out or we will learn what it is we need to learn to balance the load better. I am also thinking of my daughter asking to have her hair cut short today she has it past her waist all one length hair and now wants it short and wants to donate to Locks of Love. I am surprised by her total exceptance of short hair she has been very insistent on her long hair for so long and since she is donating to a very worthy cause then I am proud of her.

From the learning rooms… piano today and more renaissance theory learning. Along with the many things we have left to do with this years curriculum

I am thankful for… to many things to count! But I am thankful for the time we spent Saturday at the temple in Baton Rouge with our children and with friends. And to have a living prophet to guide us in these times.
From the kitchen.... today homemade bread, cinnamon rolls, and some more homemade bread to freeze so we can donate it saturday for a bake sale the local food pantry to doing. I am going to try and bake 2 loaves a day this week for this very worthy cause.

I am wearing… sad to say by my sweat pants and a tshirt so that at 8 am I can do my morning walk/jogging. But after that and a shower I will be wearing my denim tiered skirt with a blue top.
I am reading.... the Twilight series my daughter has been bugging me for months to read it so I started last week. As well as gardening and the scriptures first and foremost.
I am hoping... to get back on the flylady bandwagon this week. I have fallen off it after many faithful years and am feeling very discouraged with myself over it. I feel I am chasing my tail all the time. But being on this thing(computer) doesn't help :0)
I am creating... clothing for myself for this summer.

I am hearing... Josh Groban on
Around the house... is the choas of our lives and the weekend. The house is neat which it is usally isn't on Mondays but it is being gone just about all weekend helped with that.
One of my favorite things... right now is the peace the scriptures and prayer bring into my life when everything else seems to bring so much stress. We are in a stage in our lives that I hope will pass soon but maybe we need it to see that peace we gain when we are faithful in our study and prayer. I saw a tshirt yesterday that read Worry Ends when Faith Begins. I liked it and it brought many things to the front of my thoughts to ponder, good things.
A few plans for the rest of the week... A wedding to go to Saturday hubby is marrying someone, piano today, FHE tonight for certain, Visit with a friend today to have DD's hair cut, bake sale to deliver to Saturday, shopping lists to make for errand day Thursday, Activity days activity to plan for thursday night, Stake meetings this week at church, and making certain hubby knows how proud and how much I love him every time I see or talk to him this week.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you

Where we went Saturday the temple in Baton Rouge a place of peace for us and a place I love to go to.

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  1. Homemade bread sounds wonderful! As for falling off the FlyLady bandwagon, don't feel bad! Just jump back on and begin at the beginning with baby steps.

    God bless you.


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