Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Locks of Love

Yesterday my daughter had her hair cut. This isn't a big deal to most but for her it is! She has said for a few years, "I will never get my hair cut!" But Sunday she decided she wanted it cut short and that she would donate her hair to Locks of Love so yesterday a friend cut her 18 inch braid off and we mail it today. Here are photos of the big event.

She loves it! Her dad and I are very proud of her for deciding to donate to a worthy cause. Now I don't see myself doing this anytime soon I love my long hair to much. I did have our friend cut about 3 inches off yesterday hair that was very dry and had split ends and seeing it on the floor almost gave me an anxiety attack! But it feels much healthier, I had it trimed just once in the last 3 years so it needed it.


  1. What a sweet and thoughtful thing to do. Think of the little girl who will now have a lovely blonde wig. And your daughter is totally adorable with short hair. Now the fun part is growing it again, and doing the same thing in a few years! (My husband treats me to a cut/color/style every 6 weeks or so. He says it's like having a new wife, LOL!)


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