Friday, April 3, 2009

Cooking Day!

Whew this has been a busy week and getting on here to post has been hard. But I know you understand since we all have lives outside this computer! Right? or am I just kidding myself that my little blog addiction is more that I make it. ;0)

Today I am in my sweats since I wanted to walk my mile, I still might but my lower back hurts for some reason so I thought I might not but we will see. But I got my timer out and started a list of things that have gotten behind.

3/4's of the list is done, no that is not helping my back but sitting around doesn't either. And since I shopped yesterday I also started cooking for the next 2 weeks. I have 2 pans of spinach lazagnie in the oven once they are done and cooled they go in to freezer and 2 loaves of bread baking away for a bake sale in the morning. I have a big pot of rice on the stove steaming for 4 meals. And we will be making 4 pizza doughs later to cook and freeze for dinners. I might today make 2 to 4 loaves of bread to freeze for our use. I have 3 right now for the bake sale but....

Oh I also have bananas the last of my 50lb stash thawing on the counter for making banana muffins to freeze. I made a double batch of pancakes this morning and most are quick freezing on pans in the freezer for later as well.

I have been lagging so much lately that today I woke with the urge to get stuff done. Get back in my groove. The timer I missed and I think it missed me to helps so much to get things done!

Well off I go to make 2 seven layer quiches, get the kids to get 2 big empty rubbermaids out of the hay loft so we can stow away our winter things and heating blankets. Hmmmm things to do, things to put away and only a day to do it....

What are you doing today and what kinds of things are you doing to welcome spring back? Oh and I can't forget those who live in the Southern half of our world are you getting that nesting feeling? I always get a nesting feeling in the fall or autumn. I can see why the squirrals scramble so much collecting acorns and stuff. But its not a frantic feeling I actually love when that nesting kicks in it feels good.

Have a blessed day!


  1. I am cleaning like a mad woman! LOL! Scrubbing the bathrooms and the kitchen, hard work, but I love it when it is all done.

    I was hoping to get outside tomorrow and plant onion, carrots, broccoli and potatoes, but it is snowing, and there is snow in the forcast tomorrow! It has been a really cold spring here and I am getting antsy to get the garden going. At this rate we just might have to skip the spring garden and go right into summer!

  2. we have been planting winter greens (it doesn't get too cold in this part of the country) and i am madly crocheting a new 'ghan. i am freezing peppers and ratatoille and yes, feeling like a squirrel (don't have those here sadly!) which reminds me - when you freeze bananas - do you freeze them with their skins on or off? i was just wondering this this morning as i looked at the browning bunch and then i read your post!

    louise @ prairiemouse

  3. Louise,

    I peel my bananas and then cut them up and put them in bags. I will freeze 3 to a bag since most of my banana recipes call for 2-3 bananas. All I have to do is pull out a bag when I want to whip up one of those recipes. I have frozen with the skins but I don't like to peel them later its messy and as much prework I can do helps in the end.


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