Friday, March 20, 2009

Summer Wardrobe....

P1010053I am working on it slowing but surely I finished these in the last couple weeks. Simplicity Pattern 3835 very easy to make I enjoyed sewing them very much and see a few more in my near future.

I also have on the sewing table some light tiered skirts made from the same fabric these tops were made from. These are flat sheets I bought for about $3.00 at the consignment shop. I hope to go back really soon and hunt down some more sheets to sew into summer clothing and some maybe some vintage fabrics we will see I have lucked out once in that department. But I have gotten a couple cute patterns for pennies.

One is a dress I will show you when I am done sewing it.

What are you doing for a summer wardrobe anything special or for those in the southern hemisphere what are you doing with fall approaching knitting, sewing, what, I am curious! I need some ideas Please.....


  1. Those shirts look really pretty and summery.

    I am not good enough yet to sew my own clothes, I always seem to get the fit wrong. So I have been slowly purchasing my summer wardrobe. Some new t-shirts and a few long skirts.

  2. thanks for the southern mention! i am finally facing up to the fact that it is fall (or autumn as we say here) i haven't wanted to let go of the summer but the days now are so beautiful and crisp and clear and still with that last little bit of heat. i am in auckland so it never really gets too cold (never snow) but it sure does rain a lot.

    i am making a granny square afghan which i keep meaning to blog and have just made a doll for a girlfriend but haven't given that to her yet so can't blog that till i do! i am thinking of knitting a sweater. i haven't done that for myself for a long long time. prairie thinks i should make a tunic top out of the 'ghan but i think that might be a bit much. i don't want to walk around looking like a sofa!

    have a lovely day!

    louise @ prairiemouse


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