Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zoo Time

Yesterday we went to the zoo! So the computor stayed off till last night. I was going to post my daybook but ya know spending with your family at the zoo is a little more important:0)
Hubby took the day off after having to work all weekend and we spend a couple of hours at a little zoo near us and went to lunch. Here are some pictures of our day...
alligator enjoying the sun

A very protective black swan he followed us all along the walkway. His lady was on a nest sitting on an egg. He was so pretty...

Ash, hubby, and Yguy we were outside the lion's area. She was prowling around looking for a cool place. She had her dad in with her till last year when he died so now she is all by herself.

A lovely peacock eating in the praire dog town. They used to have a white peacock whose tail when he opened it up looked like lace it was so pretty but dogs got it last year.

And a fat little praire dog! The praire dog town is neat we love that part the best of all and the monkeys.
When we got home we put a new tire on a "new" used tiller we bought from my mom and started tilling the garden some. The kids raked leaves we are up to 15 bags of leaves for mulching the garden and we haven't even come close to finishing the yard a pasture.


  1. we call prairie, prairie dog all the time so i must show her this photo! he's so cute!

    louise @ prairiedog - whoops i mean mouse!!!

  2. How fun! We need to do a trip to the zoo, it is still a little cold though.


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