Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Book List

My goodness nine days since I posted last.... Whoops well life is more important that sharing my whacking life but I do love doing. I have decided to scale it back some and just get over my blogging addiction. :0) So when I do post it will not be just twaddle to take a Charlottle Mason phrase.

We decided to discover a new library within our community. And in this small little country library is treasure trove of books I have wanted to read or books on topics I want to read about or things I need to be reaquainted with.

The first books is Animal, Vegetable, Miracle A year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver. It is great book with lots of stories and great information on what her family learned when they went back to the land with there food. She is a captivating writer and I was hooked on her words of wisdom, love for food, and her farm.

They also have a web site. I suggest this book to anyone wanting to take back control of the food they eat its enlighting and encouraging. I actually felt guilty buying a fresh made pizza from Walmart today for dinner LOL.

Another is Let it Rot, do you compost I know there are places on the net to learn and read up on it but I can't take my computer to bed and read it I prefer books. And this book is a refresher course for me and I love it.

And Saving Seeds this is something I am very interested it especially after watching a documentary on Monsanto and GMO foods. Scary what science is doing to food taking control of what we eat is a focus we should all think about. And reminding myself of that fact and learning all I can helps me make those good choices for myself and my family.

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