Saturday, May 2, 2009

Garden Planting!

Yguy is at work today with hubby doing to boy thing. And Ash and I are doing the girl thing which right now entails cooling off and reviving ourselves with lunch.

We are finally getting the garden in the ground. Sweet corn, nasturtiums, zinnias, marigolds, scallop squash, zukes, butternut squash, spagetti squash, watermelon, okra, cucumbers, cantalope, green beans, butterbeans..... We still have to get tomatoe, hot pepper, eggplant, and sweet pepper plants but we have left areas open for these. Oh and get seeds for yellow squash I forgot these well I thought I has some. Oh and I plants dill, basil, sage, and parsley seeds.

We are so busy it has taken us a while to get our act together to get it all tilled under. Hubby and I worked on it 2 evenings after dinner and work. One night we burned a gigantic pile of dry brush in the middle of the garden and then tilled that in last night.

We also are ordering meat chickens in June after we get summer camps out of the way and are fencing in an area next to the garden for them as well as for turkeys. But that is something hubby and I will do in the evenings after the heat of our days cools off.

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