Sunday, May 17, 2009

A friend and I took our kiddos camping last week. Her hubby is on deployment and mine stayed home. He is taking all his vacation to go to scout camp in a couple of weeks with Yguy. This trip helped give Yguy 2 nights for his merit badge and we had alot of fun. Here is our friends youngest and As feeding a pair of geese early one morning.

Our camp site it was so pretty there we were about 2 hours north of our home and way off the beaten path. The computer I have been trying to stay away from it is very addictive and so therefore I am trying to kick the habit. ;) So I am sorry.....

This was taken as well as the next 2 early our first morning there and the way the trees reflect off the water was breathtaking. The haze made it even more alluring but that burned off quickly

This is Yguy's service project for his next rank advancement in scouts over 400 cookies and other items to send to a cousin who is working on a base overseas it is for him and his coworkers homemade cookies were very much requested. So that is what they got. :0)

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