Thursday, April 16, 2009


Today is an eggless day :0( I have to leave in about an hour for a thingy tonight and have been gone all day running errands but they are all done. New bathing suits for the kids, oil changed, consignment shopping, animal food bought, people food bought, and stockpiling completed. LOL

It has been a full day but we made a run by the consignment shop to see what goodies we could unearth. We went looking for shorts for Ash and jeans for Yguy but only found shorts for her. And fabric for me and patterns for us both. I found a vintage pattern that is so cute for Ash she was excited when I showed her. And the others are for me a skirt, a nice suit I thought would look nice in a linen fabric, and a dress.
The blue I thought a blouse but when I got it home I think a tiered skirt maybe I have to look at it more and figure there probably isn't enough fabric but I though a add a white tier at the bottom... the red has little yellow and purple flowers all over it. Immediately I thought apron but I opened it at home and just love it even more another skirt or do you think it will be too loud and old fashion looking. One has little rasberries all over it and Ash and I immediately said apron its so cute. The other will be a blouse probably a dresser one. All are cotton which I love.
What do you think give me some ideas? I need summer skirts etc and I am not a fashion diva I like practical and country looking but not country bumpkin nor martha stewart country practical.
Well back to eggs tomorrow I found the cutest pictures on another blog of what she did with her egg shells I will show you tomorrow. Along with another recipe.


  1. I think that maybe the red one would be a cute peasant blouse!

  2. Good Idea! There is enough there I can make a blouse and a skirt hummmmm. Thanks!


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