Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yes, I like to try to sew....

This is another skirt I just finished today. It actually was the first I did up by combining some 2 patterns and playing around with it. The beginning of this skirt I didn't like how it looked and after making the other 2 I decided to rip the seams of this one and redo it. It had the waist band, 2 wide tiers and 1 small. It just didn't look right so I took the bottom tier off cut it in half to make 1 wide and 3 smaller ones. I like it much better. This one literally is weightless it is so light I fiddle with it to make sure its still there.;) I have to wear my cotton slip with this one too.
And the best part this is made from a flat sheet I thrifted last winter. I made a blouse out of this fabric as well.
I love sewing I am not the best at it but I do love doing it. We drug the TV out last night and watched The Village I love that movie but only for the Utopian society living and the clothing! I am thinking of dipping my toes in to sewing something from Sense and Sensiblity sewing patterns. The Regency Gown pattern looks like so much fun. And the Edwardian Apron is very much something I want since I am a hard on my clothing and apron are a mainstay at my house.

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