Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Her bags are packed....

Today we leave for girls camp! Such fun, days full of laughter, meeting new friends, renewing old ones, staying up late, spiritually uplifting days, and exhaustion well earned at the end.

Ash goes to camp at the end of each May and her birthday is always during camp. She will be 15 WOW! I can't believe I have a 15 year old. But she has so much fun and like last year I will be enjoying watching all these girls and feeding them. I will work in the kitchen and that is the best place. You see from a distance how strong these girls are spiritually and to be honest I envy them I didn't have that grounding at that age. But now I get to experience it and soak in the energy they have. They honestly can change the world with the strength they have!

So off we go I get to come home at night and sleep in my bed its only a 30 minute drive by Saturday I will be meeting myself in the doorway but it is so worth it. So see you next week after we recover!

Its girls week next week the boys will be at scout camp and hubby won't be coming home at night. Ash and I have a week planned of girl things and hanging out. I am thinking of something fun to blog about.....

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