Friday, June 5, 2009

A Year's Supply...or just about....

This week Ash and I are home alone the boys are at scout camp. Such fun for them Yguy hasn't taken a bath all week hubby says. But he has swam everyday in the lake. He got high score at archery till the last group the shot came up and a boy got 5 points ahead of him. But still that is very good!

We have been busy all week but today we went to a U-pick farm and had a blast. We fill 5 gallon buckets with hot peppers, sweet peppers, roma tomatoes. I am hoping the peppers will be our year supply but since hubby loves jalopeno peppers and banana peppers we will see. We picked about 55 lbs of produce and we have started canning the jalopenos as soon as we got home. Here are some pictures. Yes the 1st is a waterbath canner FULL of chopped peppers.

Heres just a portion of the fields this is where we picked the tomatoes.

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  1. I hope you know how lucky you are to be in a climate that already had fresh peppers! We are still a good 6-8 weeks away from stuff like that!


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