Monday, June 8, 2009

This week is a lull between storms kinda. I do have to be somewhere tomorrow night but the rest of the week will be here at the homestead.

Next week we start summer school. No its not ugh....Summer School! its more filling the time up during the day so the kids mostly the boy child won't say I'm bored! And there are somethings I want to put extra attention to. But more on school next week.

This week I have the urge to declutter, toss, pack away. We are starting in our bedrooms today Ashley is excited and I am hoping to have a load for the consignment shop in town this afternoon when we go to piano lessons.

We are also canning tomatoes, finishing up freezing peppers, and some laundry. Just the usual day in our house I think. Ashley helped me skin and core the tomatoes last night. I know, day of rest but those things needed to be done! And a 5 gallon bucket sure does skink down. Pictures later....

I will be back to tell you what we did. My camera is on the blink well the batteries and we will get some new ones this week. But I am staying home this week so it will be Thursday before I get them. And so just telling you what we organized, gave over to the consignment shop, and just plain tossed!

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